How to buy cheap bound carpet remnants for sale online

If ask me to choose between cheap carpets and carpet remnants, I would no doubt opt for carpet remnants to dress up my floor. When you want to carpet your floor with limited budget, then carpet remnants are the great option. Carpet remnants are not just remaining scraps. But they are quality excess carpet remaining when manufacturers, wholesalers and carpet shops cut the carpet to meet the customer specification. So, you can find good quality for cheap price.

Yes, of course it takes some effort to find right carpet remnants and install them in a creative manner.

If you hop into a local carpet store, you may not find what you are looking for because of the limited options.

One need to choose from the options available within the shop which in turn is highly dynamic and dependent on the business and the carpet remnants the carpet shop owner gets.

Unless you are OK with any carpet remnants, getting right type, color and size becomes a factor of concern. And that is when carpet remnants for sale online will be very beneficial. You can check out variety of carpets with different colors with its size mentioned, sitting at your place. The biggest advantage of online remnants will be better bargain and getting better deals. The large number of options makes it easy to crack a better deal without compromising on the requirements.


buying carpet remnants online is completely different compared to any other online products out there.

Here are the issues you would face while buying remnants online.

No stock of particular carpet remnants

The chances are that a particular type which is available today may be sold by tomorrow.  There is nothing like stock availability, and you cannot go and choose a particular type anytime time you want. In some places the remnants varieties are also seasonal. When the market is in demand for new carpets you can find lots and variety of cheap carpet remnants.  On other hand, lesser stocks, so lesser options when there is less sale of new carpets.

No reviews

It’s most common that we take and read reviews before buying any product. Since you cannot be sure about what products will be available for you within the reach, it is hard to get reviews on them. But for sure you can find and read reviews of a particular carpet shop or remnant dealer before you buy from them. Better service, support and shipping are some of the things to look for.

In spite of these minor issues online buy of carpet remnants will be great. Here are few things that you do.

Ensure the shipping is free or at least cheap

Some of the whole sale carpet remnant dealer might provide you free shipping. But if not make sure it is cheap. Choose a nearby store so that there is no need to shell out more. If including the shipping cost the remnants become costlier than normal carpet, there is no need to go for it.

Ask for samples

Many carpet remnant dealers will send you the sample if you just mail them and ask for it. Ask for it before you order. There may not be any pictures or description of remnant available for you to check. With no reviews it is better option to ask for samples.

With these things taken care, carpet remnants are great option to check for. One can also make rugs or mats from the remnants by carpet binding. A mat under your dining table or in living room would look great. If you are looking for large number of remnants, then contact manufacturer or wholesaler directly for cheaper deals.


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